Sunday Mornings 9.30 - 10.30

CSM Crosswalk is Crossway's Sunday Morning, Student, Bible Study Experience. This time is our "Open Bible Study" program meaning, on any given Sunday a student can come and take part in bible study with his/her peers. We use a grade level, split small group approach to relay information to our students for discussion. CSM Crosswalk is a great place for our students to get rooted in God's Word through small group bible study.

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Classes / Small Group Leaders

6th Guys & Girls

Summer Priest & Chet Tucker

7th & 8th Guys & Girls

Gary & Shelly Hughes

9th - 11th Guys & Girls

Sarah Farrell, Clete Cole, Aaron Duck

12th Guys & Girls

Ryan & Brenna Williams

College Freshman & Sophomores

Zac Priest

Crossway Crosswalk

Crosswalk is our Sunday Morning Bible Study for ALL ages. It begins at 9.30am and ends just before the 10.30am service. We have many different classes to choose from. Classes for Pre-School, Elementary, Middle School & High School, College Freshmen & Sophomores, Young Adults, Young Adult Men, Young Adult Women, Men, WOmen, & Couples. It is our desire that everyone be connected in a Crosswalk Class.