High School Float Trip

August 3rd-5th
Cost: $80

CSM 2021 Float Trip Sign Up

Everyone planning to attend the High School Float Trip (both adults and students) must register by clicking the button below, and completing the form.

CSM 2021 Student Release Form

Students need to have a completed CSM 2021 Release form online in order to attend the float trip with us. If a form has not already been completed, you can complete one by clicking below.

Travel Information

Tuesday, August 3rd
9:15 am - Check-in @ Crossway
10:00 am - Depart Crossway
We will depart from Crossway, travel to Tulsa for afternoon activities, then head to Tahlequah.
Wednesday we will get up, float the river, and end our day in worship with Parkhill Baptist Church Student Ministry.
Thursday we will depart from Tahlequah Thursday morning, travel to Muskogee for breakfast, and then head home.

Thursday, August 4th
8:30 am - Depart Park Hill, Tahlequah
1:00 pm - Arrive @ Crossway

What to Bring

Personal:  Toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, comb, brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc… (Any personal toiletries for 2 nights)
Clothes:   Comfortable clothes for 3 days of activity, swimsuit and towel for floating (water shoes if you desire), towel & washrag, sleeping bag or sheets for a twin air mattress and pillow.
Money:  $80 & money for 4 meals and any quick stops.
Other: Sunscreen, bug spray, hat, anything for a couple of days away.