MIDWEEK @ Crossway Student Ministries

OASIS is our Student Midweek service, planned and coordinated to meet the needs of ALL the students who are involved with CSM Midweek.
We meet in theREC with the following schedule:
5.30 - Doors Open
6.00 - Snack Served
6.30 - Service starts
7.30 - Dismiss
8.00 - Doors Close


On some nights we split our teaching and worship times to focus our teaching on specific age groups. On those nights, our 8th grade thru 12th grade students meet for OASIS in our main student worship room.


On the nights we split our teaching and worship times, when our older CSM students meet in OASIS, our 6th grade and 7th grade students meet in theDEUCE.
This worship experience is designed specifically for our younger CSM students and focuses on their particular mindsets and maturity levels. Held at the same time as OASIS and still meeting in theREC but in a separate worship area, we are able to better meet the needs of our youngest students.