This year, Crossway Student Ministries will focus on developing Christian Disciples as we focus on becoming true disciples of Jesus. In order to achieve this goal, we have selected an animal that exhibits the qualities we want to mimic. This year will be the Year of the DUCKLING! Why DUCKLINGS you might ask? Consider the following:

You have to admit, there isn't anything much cuter than a DUCKLING, but they have some very interesting characteristics. DUCKLINGS aren't born with feathers, but instead have a fluffy, fuzz-like covering. Adult duck feathers are waterproof, allowing them to be in the water all day, but the DUCKLINGS fuzz is not waterproof and they find some protection from their parents until they grow their permanent feathers. Once they do this, they can swim and fly on their own, gaining freedom to reach their own potential. Many animals only have a few offspring, but ducks can lay up to 14 eggs at a time. The DUCKLINGS then have a large number of siblings to help in their development as they follow the lead of their parents and are spurred on by their siblings.

Much like DUCKLINGS, students have a great potential for serving and following the Lord, but they need some direction and protection in the early stages of their development. Living the Christian life is difficult and was never intended to be done solo. With the aid of a community of believers, these young Christians won't be facing the obstacles and growth opportunities alone.

Disciples making Disciples...let's go DUCKLINGS!