This year, Crossway Student Ministries will focus on developing Spiritual Wisdom as we focus on becoming true disciples of Jesus. In order to achieve this goal we have selected an animal that exhibits the qualities we want to mimic. This year will be the Year of the OWL! Why Owls you might ask; consider the following:

Owls and wisdom have become synonymous in our culture, but why? Owls have large, unique eyes and a head that swivels to aid in hunting prey. Many associate the Owl's absence of a "blind side" with wisdom. Owl yes are unique in their ability to focus, even at low light, on prey at great distances. Their eyes have a special cone shape instead of being round orbs like human eyes. The fixed shape of the cone allows for a type of telescopic vision. Due to the conical shape of the eyes however, the Owl is unable to move their eyes independently of their head. This is why Owls have been specially designed with a head that can rotate nearly 270 degrees and not cut off blood flow. So how does this information help our students focus on Spiritual Wisdom.

Like the Owls ability to focus intently on prey, we need to focus intently on the Word of God. As we learn and grow through the Word, we will be able to gain the spiritual knowledge and wisdom to help us walk the path God has for our lives. We can't be stiff necked and resistant to change either but we must remain flexible to God's teaching and leading. It is then, and only then, we will be able to become mature followers and true disciples of the Lord.