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The door is OPEN. Many people have never been in a small group. They aren't sure what it's about or what they have to do if they come. Our groups strive to be a "safe place" to meet people and learn about God from his Word. Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married couples, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, workplace, under 20, over 40 — the list goes on.  No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.  Ready to dive in? Find a Group that fits you!

D-Groups start back august 21st and are sunday evenings at 6:00pm

teachers: brandon flowers and will clark

Study: 1-3 john

Most people understand that the important thing in life are not things at all - they are the relationships we have. God has put a desire for relationship in every one of us, a desire He intended to be met through other people, but most of all, by a relationship with Him. In this remarkable letter, John tells us the truth about relationships and shows us how to have relationships that are real, for both now and eternity.

Location: Crossway Fellowship Hall
demographic: Adults  25-40 generally

teacher: mika woods

Study: We will not be silenced

Who wants to merely go through the motions of religion? We long for something authentic―something worth opening our hearts to, filling our minds with, and giving our lives for. Nancy Guthrie shows that Jesus himself offers the something better we've been looking for. Hoping for Something Better is an in-depth, understandable and practical Bible study of the book of Hebrews for the modern heart and mind.

Location: Crossway Fellowship Hall
Demographic: Adult 25-45 generally

teacher: John Clark

Study: Judges

The biblical judges are described in the book of Judges as people who served as military leaders in times of crisis before an Israelite monarchy was established. A cyclical pattern is regularly recounted in the book of Judges to show the need for the various judges: apostasy of the Israelite people, hardship brought on as punishment from God, crying out to the Lord for rescue, etc. Join us as we study the biblical book of Judges. 

Location: Crossway Chapel
Demographic: All are welcome

teachers: Perry Zeiset and Stuart Ming 

Study: The Book Of romans

The primary theme running through Paul's letter to the Romans is the revelation of God's righteousness in His plan for salvation - what the Bible calls the gospel. Paul showed how human beings lack God's righteousness because of our sin, receive God's righteousness when God justifies us by faith, demonstrate God's righteousness by being transformed from rebels to followers, confirm His righteousness when God saves the Jews, and apply His righteousness in practical ways throughout our lives.

Location: Crossway fellowship Hall
Demographic: Adults 40 and over generally

teachers: cory woods and Jacob Elliott

Study: angels and demons

Angels and demons are portrayed and discussed everywhere - from statues and paintings to poems and songs to the Internet. But are they understood correctly? With all the attention these beings receive, Christians are bound to get confused between what is often assumed to be "common knowledge" and how the Word of God actually portrays them. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul seeks to challenge many modern myths regarding these other-worldly being by offering a biblical view of the spiritual realm.

Location: Crossway Fellowship Hall
Demographic: Adult 25-45 generally

teachers: James Fetherston and Terry Dobson 

Study: where do we go from here?

Headlines trumpet the news about modern-day plagues, social tensions, economic crises, and rampant depression. But what does the Bible say? Are we living in the last days? Offering practical insights and personal stores, Jeremiah opens God's Word to share how centuries-old prophecies and wisdom speak to us today and help us live out God's mission.

location: Various Homes
(Contact Church Office for Schedule)
Demographic: Adults 50 and over

teacher: Craig Abla 

Study: what are you afraid of?

For many people, worry, anxiety, and fear are constant companions: fear of death, fear of danger, fear of disease. Too often, these fears are crippling, keeping us from the life God has called us to live. But it doesn't have to be this way, says Dr. David Jeremiah. As Christians, we have been given all we need in order to face down even the most frightening, unexpected, and overwhelming obstacles in life.

location: Various Homes
(Call Church Office For Schedule)
Demographic: Adults 55 and over

teacher: Garrett Leveridge

Study: celebration of discipline

Explore the inward, outward, and corporate disciplines of the Christian faith, and learn how central spiritual practices such as prayer, fasting, simplicity, solitude, confession, and celebration can become part of your daily activities, bring God's abundance to your life.

location: Crossway Room 97
Demographic: adults 25-35 Generally

teacher: Kevin Wilkins

Study: The case for faith

Prepare yourself for an eye-opening, no-punches-pulled investigation into eight of the toughest objections for Christianity. The answers will prove whether or not Jesus is who He says He is and if heaven is real, leading you to a life-changing decision in your current case for or against Christianity.

location: Crossway Room 99
Demographic: adults 35-50 Generally

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